Volume 57, Number 1, 2018                                                               E-ISSN: 1549-0955


The End of the Rejuvenation of the Fertility Schedule in Brazil: Evidence from Changes in Contraception Use and Reproductive Preferences among Adolescents and Young Women

Ana Paula Verona




Arun Kumar Sharma, Professor

Arun Kumar Sharma is a member of our review board. He is a senior professor of sociology and P. K. Chair at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. Professor Sharma is an expert on research methods and social statistics. His research interests focus on fertility, rural development, health, women empowerment and urbanization. He is associated with several development NGOs.  Prof. Sharma is a recipient of the Fellowship of Indian Academy for Mathematical Modelling and Simulation, and the Chandrasekaran award of IASP. He has served as Social Science Editor of Everyman’s Science, a publication of the Indian Science Association.



David O. Hansen, Professor Emeritus

David Hansen is a member of our advisory board.  He is Prof. Emeritus at Ohio State University (OSU) and serves as the project coordinator for OSU’s Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI). David has many years of experience working overseas, particularly in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. A former Director of the Office of International Programs in Agriculture, he is also experienced in working on project management issues and concerns. He has lived overseas for ten years, beginning with the Peace Corps in Bolivia on an assignment in rural development. He has also worked on overseas higher education projects while undertaking two three year assignments in Washington, D.C. during his career.


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