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Population Policies in Europe and North America

A collection of papers from the 2009 Quetelet Seminar, Centre de Recherche en Demographie et Societes, University Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Guest editors:

Ester L. Rizzi (Centre de Recherche en Démographie et Sociétés, DEMO), Catherine Gourbin (Centre de Recherche en Démographie et Sociétés, DEMO), and Pau Baizan (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, ICREA)


Population Policies: An Integrated Approach (Preface to the 2009 Quetelet Symposium on Population Policies)

Ester L. RizziCatherine GourbinPau Baizán


The Efficiency of Immigration and Integration Policies

Marc Termote


Ageing at Work: Between Changing Social Policy Patterns and Reorganization of Working Times

Nathalie Burnay


Predictors of Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave in Germany

Nora Reich


An Outstanding Positioning of Migrants and Nationals: The Case of Luxembourg

Fofo AmétépéClaudia Hartmann-Hirsch


The Gendering Effects of Sweden’s Gender-neutral Care Leave Policy

Helen Eriksson


Management of Working Time for Career Extension in Belgium and Quebec

Thibauld MoulaertBernard FusulierDiane-Gabrielle Tremblay


Réunion in the 1960s and 1970s: A Population Policy Against the Current?

Frédéric Sandron


Does a Hidden Padlock Keep the Door of Fertility Shut in the Mediterranean Region?

Giuseppe A. Micheli


Naturalization Policies in France and the USA and Their Impact on Migrants’ Characteristics and Strategies

Jean Louis Rallu


An Analysis of Reproductive Intentions of Italian Couples

Laura CavalliAlessandro Rosina


Fertility Discourse in Parental Leave Policies’ Media Coverage: A Frame Analysis of French-speaking Swiss Press Articles from 1999 to 2009

Isabel ValarinoLaura Bernardi


Births and Fertility in Interwar Italy: Trends, Images, Policies and Perception

Arianna CaporaliAntonio Golini


Shifts in the Focus of Population Policies: Concluding Remarks on the XXXV Chaire Quetelet Symposium

Nico van Nimwegen

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