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Explain what you have done and why it is important enough to warrant publication (1-3 paragraphs). Include the title, abstract, list of keywords, word count, and the titles and affiliations of all authors. If possible, include links to the academic departments and personal websites of all authors. Authors who want their books reviewed should submit a short summary of the book along with their initial inquiry. Include the focus and importance of the book in the summary. Upon request by the editor, send your submission (in MS Word format) to the editor via email.

Preparing your manuscript for submission


All contributions must be in English. Poorly written submissions will be rejected.

Reference citation style

Direct citation Chadwick (1985) found that…

Other research supports this view (Smith 1980).

Citing particular pages or chapters
The evidence is not clear (Jones 1985:26–27; Ray 1990: chap. 7).

For works with more than four authors (Davis et al. 1990)

Two or more works by the same author (s) cited together: (Dunbar 1984, 1985).

Citing more than one reference within parentheses: (Conrad 1984; Jones 1985; Smith 1980).

More than one reference to an author in the same year: (Shaw 1992a, 1992b).

Personal communications are not included in the reference list, but are cited in the text: (John Palmer, personal communication, March 18, 2007).

Reference list style

A complete reference lists the author (s), date of publication, title of work, and publication information.  It may also include website information.  Examples:


Journal (single author)

Richards, Henry C. (1997). “Determinants of  Health.” Developmental Process 14 (5):76–98.


Journal (two authors)

Miller, John and Shawna Korenman (1984). “Children’s Health Status in the People Republic of China.” Far Eastern Journal of Epidemiology 140 (3): 233–43.


More than four authors

Candice, Joan et al. (2006). “Review of Qualitative Research in Demography.”  Journal of Population Dynamics 34 (4): 43-88.


Book (non edited)

Laughlin, Edward P. and Richard B. Jones (1988). Allocation of Wealth among Households in Kenya. Boston: University Press.


Book (edited)

Bhasin, Martin, ed. (1995). Resource Exploitation in India. Delhi: Raja Press.


Section of book

Cohen, Charles P. (1998). “United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child: Relevance for Indigenous Children,” (pp. 173-187) in Children in Contemporary Societies, edited by D.K. Bherea.  Delhi: Rajakam Publications.


Meeting paper

James, Harrison (2002).  “Problems of Social Integration among Lao Migrants in New York.” Paper presented at the International Seminar on Social Change, New York University, October 14 to 16, 2002.



UNDP (1984).  Report of an Expert Panel on MAB Project 8: Impact of Human Activities on Mountain and Tundra Ecosystems. MAB Report Series No. 18, Paris: United Nations Development Programme.



Richards, Wayne C. (1997). “Early Child Care as a Determinant of Mental Health.” Developmental Psychology
14 (5):76–98.  [, assessed January 2, 2004]


Online (no date provided)

UNICEF (online database). HIV/AIDS in the Region:  Impacts and Risk Factors.  The Mekong Partnership and Beyond:  UNICEF and HIV/AIDS in East Asia and the Pacific.   [, accessed February 23, 2007]

Tables and figures: Tables and figures may be placed within the main text or on separate pages. Number all tables and figures in the order of their citation in the text. Include a title for each table and figure.  Tables and figures should easily fit on a normal (8 1/2 by 11) page.

Notes: Use notes or endnotes for substantive comments. Place them either at the bottom of the page (but not in the footer) or at the end of the article.

Font type and size: Use Times New Roman 11 point font for the main text. Use Times New Roman 8 – 10 point font for tables and figures (a smaller or larger font size may be used for tables and figures).


Page numbering:  Do not number pages.


Headers and footers: Do not create any automatic headers or footers.


Page breaks: Do not insert page breaks in your document.


Spacing: Use single spacing (1.15).


Paragraphs:  Use a block style (no indentation) with a double space between paragraphs.


URL links: The URL (universal resource locator) address for a WWW site should not be given directly in the text of your contribution. Full URL addresses should only appear in your references or notes.


Diagrams: Diagrams should be submitted as .jpeg, .jpg or .gif files either imbedded in the text file or as attachments. If you send attachments, name each file clearly as to which figure it contains, for example: figure1.gif. The attachments should contain the figure number and caption within the graphic itself.

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